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Injection needle


It is used for the endoscopic injection into gastrointestinal mucosa.

BMA Injector


  • Comfortable grip by ergonomic grip designed based on user’s hand shape

  • Easily insert and withdraw in endoscopic channels

  • Minimizing patient’s pain with good needle penetration ability by needle design

  • Drug delivery to the submucous site (target site) with less force

  • Excellence verification for the needle by multi-sites processing

Ordering Information

Model Tube Needle
Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Diameter(Gauge) Length(mm)
IN160423 2.3 1,600 23G 4
IN160425 2.3 1,600 25G 4
IN230423 2.3 2,300 23G 4
IN230425 2.3 2,300 25G 4